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Pre-Listed Courses

We have scheduled courses dates. You do not have to pay for your own company training; you can only send one employee and save costs.

Trainers with Real-World Experience

Your trainer will not be a theorist who studied the subject in the evening before the course. All of our lecturers build on a long-term business practice.

We Speak Your Language

We offer separate English and Czech variants for every course. Choose what suits you best.

You Will Eat Well

We have rich catering at all our courses. The little thing you will appreciate during intensive studies.

Angular 6

An intensive three-day course of one of the most popular frameworks for creating single-page applications. Angular was developed by Google and is based on TypeScript, which is a JavaScript extension. Our training is built on the latest Angular 6 version, released in May 2018, and is based on examples and hands-on exercises, accompanied by the necessary amount of theoretical lectures.

React and Redux

A three-day course of what is most likely the most popular JavaScript framework as of today, developed by Facebook. React (often referred to as React.js) is a library for creating user interfaces with reusable components. Single-page React-based applications typically use other JavaScript libraries too, especially Redux, which helps to "put React in motion". We place a lot of emphasis on the practical part and the participants build a sample project in their own development environment throughout the course.


A two-day course in UX and user-centered design that will give you solid fundamentals of an application design that your customer will appreaciate. The course is designed to give the participants a quick half-day introduction into UX followed by an intensive workshop, where participants work on designing a suitable UX of a real-world application from scratch all the way up to a UX/UI design that can be handed over to engineering for implementation.

Our trainers

We put a lot of emphasis on real-world commercial experience of all our trainers.
Trainer Denis Havránek

Denis Havránek

Lead Front End Developer @ NEORIS

Denis has more than 10 years of web development experience as a full-stack developer and UI/UX expert. He is currently leading a front-end team involved in the development of a unique B2B platform for trading building materials. Denis puts his heart and soul into Angular since its first version.

Trainer Pavel John

Pavel John

Full-Stack Developer @ Salsita Software

Pavel has more than 10 years of experience in developing application software acquired after studying computer science at the prestigious Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University. After leading a team of medical software developers, Pavel switched back to a hands-on role and has been developing complex web applications in recent years. He has grown fond of React for its scalability and design clarity.

Trainer Henry Prashanth

Henry Prashanth

Product Manager & Senior UX Designer @ Casenet LLC

Henry has more than 12 years of experience of Graphic design, Web and Mobile App design, UI/UX & Print Design and Visualization in the fields of Advertising and Information Technology. Henry currently works as a Product Manager & Senior UX Designer in an IT company that develops a product suite for the healthcare sector in the United States.


From those who already attended our course
Jan Zámečník

I've attended one of Denis' Angular trainings. He's a good guy and can explain things clearly.

Jan Zámečník Senior .NET Developer