Angular 6 Training


Denis Havránek
Denis Havránek
Lead Front End Developer @ NEORIS

Price Per Person
26,900 CZK excl. VAT
3 days
Target Audience

The course is designed for beginners who have no experience with the Angular framework. You do not even need to know the TypeScript language.

You will learn:

  • Angular fundamentals
  • TypeScript
  • How to use Angular CLI
  • Creating advanced forms
  • RxJS and reactive programming
  • You will create your own application

You should be familar with:

  • HTML
  • JavaScript programming basics
  • Basic principles of object-oriented programming

You will need:

  • Own laptop (any OS)
  • Text editor or IDE of your choice

Available Dates

We are sorry, but there are currently no available dates for this course.

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We put a lot of emphasis on real-world commercial experience of all our trainers.
Trainer Denis Havránek

Denis Havránek

Lead Front End Developer @ NEORIS

Denis has more than 10 years of web development experience as a full-stack developer and UI/UX expert. He is currently leading a front-end team involved in the development of a unique B2B platform for trading building materials. Denis puts his heart and soul into Angular since its first version.


Our intensive three-day course will teach you to design and create modern and scalable single-page applications on the popular Angular platform developed by Google. The framework was riginally called AngularJS, but since its major overhaul in the second version it is now referred to as Angular or Angular 2+. Our training is built on the latest Angular 6 version, released in May 2018.

Why You Should Choose This Course

Do you need to train you employees to work on a Angular project? Or do you need to improve your own skill set? Our Angular course is a reliable way not only to build a robust theoretical knowledge but also to gain practical experience developing in Angular framework and learn best-practice ways to solve problems. Angular training is an investment that will significantly increase the price of a front-end developer on the local and global labor market.


Day 1 Basics

  • What is Angular and Angular CLI
  • TypeScript
  • Modules, components, services
  • Pipes, directives, templates
  • HttpClient class
  • Router and navigation
  • Angular CLI: basics

Hands-on task: Create an application using Router, HttpClient class and other discussed Angular constructs.

Day 2 CLI, Forms

  • Angular CLI: builds, environments
  • Project structure and best-practices
  • IDE and tools
  • Creating libraries
  • Forms: Templates vs. Reactive Forms
  • Forms: Custom components
  • Dynamic forms

Hands-on task: Extend the application from the first day and add a form section. Create a custom component and use the discussed concepts in practice.

Day 3 RxJS and Reactive Programming

  • What is reactive programming
  • RxJS
  • Observer design pattern
  • Redux and application states
  • ngrx reactive extensions
  • ngrx: store, effects, store-devtools
  • Example application

Hands-on task: Re-work the application from the second day so it uses ngrx/store, RxJS-powered state management and lazy loading.

How to Prepare

You Should Be Familar With


You need to know HTML markup. CSS basics is a plus.

JavaScript Basics

Angular uses the TypeScript language that is based on JavaScript.

You Will Need

Own Laptop

Any operating system. Wi-Fi will be available. We recommend bringing a charger and a mouse, too :)

Text Editor

IDE or text editor of your choice. If you do not have a favorite one, try the free Visual Studio Code.

Node.js Optional

If you want to be one step ahead, download and install the recommended version of Node.js.

Angular 6 Certificate

After successful completion of the course, you will earn a Prague Training Certificate with your name and date of birth. In addition to a PDF copy of the certificate, you will also possess a unique URL in the format where everyone will be able to verify the authenticity of your certificate.

Angular training certificate