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Henry Prashanth
Henry Prashanth
Product Manager & Senior UX Designer @ Casenet LLC

Price Per Person
13,900 CZK excl. VAT
2 days
Target Audience

The course is designed for beginners who have no experience with UX or user-centered design.

You will learn:

  • Understand user needs
  • Work with personas
  • Compile scenarios / user stories
  • Use wireframes and prototypes
  • Enforce the UX by a suitable UI design
  • Validate UI/UX design

You should be familar with:

  • No specific skills are required

You will need:

  • Own laptop (any OS)
  • A few sheets of paper and a pencil

Available Dates

We are sorry, but there are currently no available dates for this course.

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We put a lot of emphasis on real-world commercial experience of all our trainers.
Trainer Henry Prashanth

Henry Prashanth

Product Manager & Senior UX Designer @ Casenet LLC

Henry has more than 12 years of experience of Graphic design, Web and Mobile App design, UI/UX & Print Design and Visualization in the fields of Advertising and Information Technology. Henry currently works as a Product Manager & Senior UX Designer in an IT company that develops a product suite for the healthcare sector in the United States.


Do you want to learn how to design user interfaces that will help your users accomplish what they need faster and in a natural way without the application getting into way? Our intensive UX training is the right choice for you. The two-day course in UX and user-centered design will give you solid fundamentals of an application design that your customer will appreaciate. The course is designed to give the participants a quick half-day introduction into UX followed by an intensive workshop, where participants work on designing a suitable UX of a real-world application from scratch all the way up to a UX/UI design that can be handed over to engineering for implementation.

Why You Should Choose This Course

UX plays an extremely imporant role in the success of any product. What defines a great product is not just its feature set. To an increasingly greater extent it is the overall user experience that defines a successful product from rest. It is therefore crucial to think of users who will be using the product since the beginning and design the user experience accordingly. Although UX is usualy a standalone role on a project, it pays off to have solid understanding of a user-centered design also as an engineer. The end result will certainly be more user friendly, users will appreciate it and the product will be more successful.


Day 1 Fundamentals

  • What is UX: purpose and main concepts
  • Understand the challenge: what is the problem we are trying to solve
  • User research: user interviews, journey maps, task analysis, observations
  • Research validation: align our understanding with stakeholders and users
  • Personas: who and how uses the application
  • The stage: screnarios and storyboards
  • Validating the design: prototypes and wireframes
  • Implementation planning

UX workshop: We will start designing an application on which we will practice all of the UX concepts.

Build an interface: What-Who-Which-How:

  • What application?
  • Who is the audience?
  • Which are the functionalities?
  • How will I design it?

Validate your application:

  • Positive transaction: define scenarios
  • Negative transaction: define scenarios

Day 2 Importance of UI

  • How to choose design elements for the interface
  • Design elements and their functionalities
  • Consistency and its importance
  • Visual design
  • Designers and engineers: two sides of the same coin
  • Communicating the design to engineers
  • Creating implementation stories and workflows: UI functionalities vs. styles
  • Review of the implemented interface and feedback

UX workshop: We will take the application that we started on the first day and continue with prototyping and pitching the design to stakeholders.


  • Wireframing
  • Interactive prototyping

How to pitch your design?

  • To your internal stakeholders
  • To your external clients

How to Prepare

You Will Need

Own Laptop

Any operating system. Wi-Fi will be available. We recommend bringing a charger and a mouse, too. :)


We will draw and sketch quite a lot. A notebook or several clean sheets of paper will come in handy.

Writing utensils

Take a pen or a pencil and perhaps a few colored ones or a marker.

UX Certificate

After successful completion of the course, you will earn a Prague Training Certificate with your name and date of birth. In addition to a PDF copy of the certificate, you will also possess a unique URL in the format https://prague.training/certificates/yourcode where everyone will be able to verify the authenticity of your certificate.